Where Safety combines with High Quality and Elegance

We offer horseback riders a collection of high quality apparel and clothes that meets their needs and enable them to experience the pleasure of riding in style.

We select our merchandise with care and full emphasis on safety, high quality and elegance.

Riding Apparel with full safety features include:

  • Vests and Body Protectors
  • Riding Helmets and Hats
  • Riding Boots
  • Half Chaps
  • Riding Whips

Riding clothes with elegance and finest quality include:

  • Polos and Casual Clothing
  • Riding Sweatshirts
  • Breeches
  • Gloves
  • Caps

At COUNT FLEET we are passionate and committed to serving the needs of our clients so that they can fully enjoy their beloved horseback riding sport safely and in perfect harmony with its elegant and radiant surroundings.

Count Fleet is one of the finest thoroughbred horses in the history of the equestrian racing sport. The powerful stallion won the Triple Crown along with many famous races and sired generations of the finest horses the world has ever known. Count Fleet is a champion who became an enduring symbol of true elegance, dignity and high quality.